The Organization

Silver Fox Advisors 2021 Committee Chairs

  • Business Engagement Committee: Mary Kole, Rainee Busby
    – CEO Roundtables
    – Fox Den
    – Advisory Boards

  • Education Committee: Joseph Tung, Henry Florsheim, George Connelly
    – Lunch & Learn
    – External Workshops

  • Membership Committee:  Rich Hall
    – Recruitment and on-boarding
    – Membership Development
    – Fellowship

  • Marketing Committee: Doug Thorpe, Lane Sloan
    – SFA Website
    – Newsletter
    – Incoming Referral Process
    – Brand Awareness and Control
  • Operating Committee: David Neuberger, Gary Henderson
    – Finance
    – Goverance
    – Administration

  • Member-at-Large: Gordon Arnold
    – Independent
    – Eyes and Ears of Members

This section contains documents and materials related to the operations of the Silver Fox Advisor organization. Look here for operating guides, governance matters, Board minutes and actions, plus other more process oriented information about the Organization.

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