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To All Members

First, welcome. Congratulations on being inducted into the Silver Fox Advisors. Now, you committed to dedicate your time, energy, and experience to help the Organization deliver on its purpose, vision and mission.

Please review those important statements of who and what we strive to be as Silver Fox Advisors. Hold them close.

It is through our individual strengths we can become the Organization our founders meant us to be. If you want to know more about the Founder’s story, click here.

Otherwise, use this page to refresh yourself on our key meaning.

We Are The Silver Fox Advisors

Silver Fox Advisors is an association of former corporate executives, senior consultants, visionaries, business leaders and former entrepreneurs who since 1986 have been providing services to small businesses located in the greater Houston, Texas area. Through a robust mix of service offerings and one-on-one engagements, we help business owners and entrepreneurs thrive by addressing business problems head-on, sharing best practices, and helping business leaders grow personally and professionally.


To be the Premier Organization for enabling the success of small business owners, CEOs, and Entrepreneurs.


As an association of proven business leaders, our mission is to serve Greater Houston Area small businesses, helping them establish, grow and prosper by sharing our collective wisdom through robust service offerings.


Organizational Structure

A Leadership Team is elected by the general membership every two years. Key positions include the Chairman, President, Vice-President, and Treasurer. For the continuity of the organization, officers typically rotate upward to fill the next position in sequence.

There is a Board consisting of the elected officers and all current committee chairs. Committees are formed and structured based on decisions made by the elected leadership team.

One member-at-large also sits on the Board.

The functions of Executive Director are filled by a third party service provider, currently, AMC.

Board meetings are held monthly and are open to the Membership to attend, but not vote.

Individual Member's Role

Individual Members are encouraged to participate at all levels of the Organization. Membership is divided into three classifications.

Advisors – are members who may or may not be running businesses, but who are willing to serve in broad categories supporting the various aspects of what Silver Fox Advisors do.

Associates – are members who own and operate specific service based businesses intended to augment the expertise provided by the Advisors. Associate members represent only one service area each. We will not admit competing service providers as Associates.

Emeritus – are members who have long standing service to the organization and have been designated a such by the Board.

Members may serve in leadership roles for the Organization regardless of membership class.

Our team

Meet your 2023 Leadership Team
Donnie Roberts


Joseph Tung


Gary Henderson


David Neuberger


Jim Griffing


Ibrahim Saleh

CEO Roundtable

Rich Hall


Herb Kalman

Organization Outreach

George Connelly

At Large


About These Resources

Silver Fox Advisors provides a wealth of information to its members.

Use this archive to find best practices, case studies, operating procedures, and a whole host of other valuable information to enrich and enhance your membership in the Silver Fox Advisors.

Feel free to contribute to this archive. If you have material you think others might like, please submit your request to the Membership Committee.