Member Transition

As all who have gone before you, membership in the Silver Fox Advisors is a journey. You may be just starting on your transition from business ownership or corporate leadership into the next phase of your life. 

Or you may have been operating with a ‘portfolio career’ doing this and that, making your way.

Or you may be writing the final chapters of your legacy here.

Regardless of where you may be in your journey, we have materials and information that should prove helpful to you as you make your own journey.

Primary areas where Silver Fox Advisors give back to the business community.


Members can serve as coaches to small business owners, helping them with a wide array of needs. We know that here is an “invisible wall” for entrepreneurs to move from management of their business to leadership of their team. Silver Fox Advisors can help clients with making the successful move to the next level.


Members can advise small business owners, helping them with the technical aspects of running a business. Often an entrepreneur will have never learned anything about operating a business. But with help from one of our members, they can learn about the principles needed to achieve growth and profitability.



Members can consult with prospective clients, giving them specific solutions to matters requiring deep knowledge and experience in one field or another. Consulting is a great way for Members to collaborate with one another.


Members can serve as mentors to those who ask the Organization for help. We have all benefitted from being mentored along the way. Now is the time for us to return the favor, paying it forward so others can learn and grow as we have done.


Any or all of these services can be rendered pro bono or for a fee, depending on the exact nature of the opportunity.

We work better as an organization. 

“Think Foxes First”

We Are The Silver Fox Advisors

Silver Fox Advisors is an association of former corporate executives, senior consultants, visionaries, business leaders and former entrepreneurs who since 1986 have been providing services to small businesses located in the greater Houston, Texas area. Through a robust mix of service offerings and one-on-one engagements, we help business owners and entrepreneurs thrive by addressing business problems head-on, sharing best practices, and helping business leaders grow personally and professionally.


To be the Premier Organization for enabling the success of small business owners, CEOs, and Entrepreneurs.


Our association of proven business leaders serves the needs of small business owners, CEOs, and entrepreneurs in the Greater Houston area. We help leaders establish, grow, and prosper their businesses by sharing our collective wisdom through robust service offerings.

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